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But why I need to focus on Clan Wars in Clash of Clans?

Various issues here. Most prominent is the single target inferno southwest of the th. By and large that indicates an att from the northwest. I imagine that is the manner by which swan came in. He might have quite recently cleared one side with the saint on this one, potentially 9-12 to maintain a strategic distance from cc trip. the stuff at 12 one drag can clear sufficiently simple. the minor issue is that purple stockpiling outside at 1 o clock. It is in scope of that AD so you got an issue there.
Be that as it may, on this one the TH is marginally topsy turvy. so on the off chance that you over-burden that north quadrant it will get the th. I do review swan held 1 drag available for later on this run and utilized it to enhance harm as a part of one of the corners. Yet, that might have been the reasoning, the unbalanced th was a lock even with the single target and the air sweeper. Speculating that was the stop drop, stop the sweeper and single target. Most likely a scramble up north when the sweeper locked in.
The two side AD do spread the TH, however far and away superior news the one at around 1030 is really hindered a bit to possibly 1015, giving you additional time before it connects with when hitting from 12-3. So my 2 solidify drops here would be the AD at 1015 and the Sweeper and single target inferno. At that point the typical triangle design for the furies.
Almost certain he dropped one drag at 12 and one at 3 to begin this assault and constructed the pipe for the 9 that were made a beeline for the TH. Anyway, most the time Swan's drags att's work out really well and this was more often than not. Be that as it may, in the current DCA war we are taking a gander at a couple 10's that are conceivably inconvenience. Will perceive how they go. The issue in DCA is we are frequently running one saint down there. Also, we see significantly all the more twofold single target infernos that require a ground att. So will see.

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